6-8 ChallengeSo, What’s the Challenge?

There are four things I’d like to pursue for the next 90 days.

First, I’d love it if we could commit to being at SixEight every Sunday unless we’re sick. I know times have changed, and we don’t go to church three times a week like we did when I was growing up, but could you commit to being here every week until 6/8 day? What you may not understand is that we miss you when you’re not here. We’re not a complete body when you’re missing. And when we got for periods of time without your presence, we’re missing out on all the gifts and talents and other things you bring to this body. I understand work and other things come up, but if there is a next step for you in this area, we’d love to help you take it. We can’t do this without you, and we don’t want to. Aside from that, what I want so desperately for you is to experience the kind of life-giving community that can only be found in the body of Christ! Will you join us every week?

Second, I’d like you to consider your giving. For some, you’re already giving more than 10%, and for that I thank you and thank God for your faithfulness. For others, maybe you’ve never given anything and you’re skeptical about me asking for money. I’m not seeking to fill my own personal bank account with your hard earned cash. My desires are for you and all that God has for you. If you’ve never committed to tithing (which means giving a tenth of what you earn), would you commit to giving 10% of your income for the next 90 days to God and what He is doing at 6:8? “Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” That’s what I want for you.

Third, Will you commit to reading your bible for the next 90 days? Starting this Sunday, will you commit to read something from the Bible every day? We have various reading plans available if you need help, or you can use reading plans from the internet or on the Bible app on your phone. We will be putting out a couple of guides during this time such as 30 days with Jesus and Pray Through Pentecost to help guide your reading as well. But, as I’ve said, what I desire for you is God’s best for your life. And I know that if you commit to spending time with Him in His word and get a deeper understanding for His heart, your life will be deeply impacted.

Fourth, Will you commit to praying for SixEight Church every day for 90 days. You could pray for the leaders and pastors and the work God is calling them to do. You could pray for the softening of the hearts of people in the LSHD-7899 grid and that we would be able to reach them for God’s kingdom and His glory. You could pray for how God wants you to be involved in the ministry of SixEight and what that looks like. Spend time just being thankful and worshipping God. Set your mind’s attention and hear’s affection on who God is and what He’s done. What I think you’ll experience is a greater appreciation for God and His presence in your day to day life. And I want so deeply for you to know Him more and more each day. 

Will you join me in this? Will you help us grow closer to God as a body?

Can you imagine what a difference this could make? Can you imagine what a difference this could make in your life and in the life of your family? Can you image what a difference this could make in the life of those who come on Easter? Can you imagine how being around for them after Easter when they take their first steps as a Christian could speak volumes to their lives? Can you imagine how that will make you feel, knowing you played a role in someone else’s eternal journey?

I can imagine it, I can see it. I see God using us to reach many people for His Kingdom and for bringing Him glory. Let’s join in together as we seek to bring God glory upon glory!