You’ve heard the televangelists begging you for your money. You’ve probably heard of Creflo Dollar and his desire for the church to buy him a private jet – because that’s what he needed to be able to do ministry. The church has a reputation in our culture of wanting people’s money. In this series, we want to talk to you about why that’s not the case for our church. Our desire is not to get you to hand over more of your money, it’s to help you put God at the top of your priority list.

As we start a new series on money, we are going to be taking a hard look at why money is such a big deal to God. When we think of the epic struggle, we tend to think it is between God and Evil. But, as we will see, the greater struggle is between God and money.

When our priorities are out of order, life gets rough.

When it comes to the way you view money, who’s on first?