This is the last session of the second module of “The Disciples Project.” It’s hard to believe we’ve already gotten through two modules on this journey! We’ll be finished before we know it!

In the first talk this week, we talk about the responsibility we have to “Be Prepared.” There is often a desire to wait until the last minute to make things right with God. But, as we read in Matthew 25, we can see that if we wait we might miss out on the wedding feast. And that’s not something we want to miss.

In the second talk this week, we talk about the famous “Lukewarm” passage in Revelation 3. We also talk about some of the things that lead to being lukewarm. And we end this talk thinking, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if…” (Oh, and there was a pizza delivered in the middle of the sermon as well. Hmmm….)

We invite you to listen in and join us on the journey toward becoming disciples.