We all have times in our lives where we are just going through the motions. We’re going through the motions at work, with our families or even in our walk with God. We are doing the action, but our heart isn’t in it. Have you ever been there?

This week, we talk about how acts of mercy aren’t enough. The motivation behind mercy is God’s great grace. If we aren’t pointing people to that grace, then we and they are missing out on the most important aspect.

The best acts of mercy are the ones that combing the hands and the heart. Hearts full of grace and hands that get the job done. We have a heart for the hurting, hopeless and broken. Then, with our hands, we acts on what our heart leads us to do. When God’s great grace gets a hold of us, it compels us to want to spread that grace to as many as we can. The greatest way to share this grace is through acts of mercy.