Before you just scroll the to bottom and download the guide for the week, take a minute to read these words:

As we go through “The Disciples Project” together, one of the most important facets of it is the Daily Guide. As we have discussed many times on a Sunday, it’s more important how we live the other 167 hours a week than the 1 hour on Sunday. Coming to church on Sunday isn’t a way to get clean for what you’ve done the week leading up to Sunday. And it’s not a way to cleanse your conscience by thinking that you’ve done your religious duty for the week. God doesn’t care about that.

What He cares about is how we live. The things we learn on Sunday MUST affect the way we live during the week. If they do not, there is really no point to what we do as a church. If we aren’t applying what we learn on Sundays the our lives the other 167 hours, then we really shouldn’t bother coming to church at all. There are too many churches and too many church attenders who just go to church on Sunday and don’t change anything. We can’t be that kind of church. We can’t be that kind of a people. We must be sold out to being who we were created to be. We don’t have time to waste being soft and comfortable. There are too many lives at stake, and eternity is a long time.

Harsh words, I know. But here’s the point:

Let’s be the exception.
Let’s be the church where our people get it.
Let’s decide that we aren’t content to add God to our lives – instead we have to make God the center of everything.
Let’s be the exception.
Let’s not be content with where we our in our personal lives, our family lives or the life of this church we love.
Let’s strive for more, more of God, more of His ways and more of His purpose in our lives.
Let’s be the exception.
Let’s come to church on Sundays ready to hear and apply God’s truth to our lives.
Let’s leave emboldened and impassioned to not rest until we see fruit from that truth.
Let’s be the exception.
Let’s change the perception the world has of the church by living and being the church in front of them.
Let’s destroy the argument that Christians talk a big talk, but don’t live any differently than anyone else.
Let’s be the exception.
Let’s be the church full of people so crazy that we actually believe God is still at work in us and has a desire to change this community.
Let’s be so crazy that we actually believe God can use us to make a million disciples.
Let us be driven by the great commission, powered by the Holy Spirit and motivate by the two greatest commandments to make a great impact on the great people we do life with every day.
Let us be proactive in making a positive difference in the people around us, in our family, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers and anyone else we see. May the light of the gospel and the light of God’s love shine so brightly through us that people are drawn to that light God is shining in our lives.
Let us not conform to the pattern of this world that says we are supposed to get as much as we can for ourselves, but let us give as much as we can to the world around us.
Let us come together under the banner of Doing Justice, Loving Mercy and Walking Humbly so the world can know that God is real, He does exist, He does care about each and everyone of us and He has a plan and a purpose for us all if we will lay our lives down and pick up his plan.
Let’s not be uncommitted and lazy about our pursuit of God, but let us make God the main thing in everything.
Let’s be the exception.