Not only do we live in a world where people are desperate for power, we find ourselves wanting to be able to establish kingdoms for ourselves. We want to rule and reign over our little pieces of this earth. And we want to be able to set up our own way of life within our own domain.

As a society, we want to be able to determine for ourselves what is right and wrong. We don’t just want the ability to decide whether or not we have to submit to the powers that be, we want to be able to decide what rules and laws the powers that be are to enforce.

From how we think of government, to how we think of the family to how we think of ourselves, our bodies and our personal identities, we want the first and last word.

What happens when you try to have the kingdom without the king? What is the Kingdom of God and why does it matter? What does the Kingdom of God teach about what is going on in the world today?

That’s exactly what we will be exploring in our new series: “The One And Only Kingdom Of God”, starting March 21st 2021.