100If you knew a way to save someone $100.00, would you do it? If you knew a secret combination of numbers to put into the debit machine as you’re checking out at Safeway that cuts $100.00 off the total, would you tell others about it? Especially if it didn’t matter if others started doing the same thing as you, because this money saving tip was never going to go away. Wouldn’t you tell everyone you knew?

Unless you just don’t like people, I’m guessing you’d tell everyone you could think of.

Or, what if you saw a really good movie. Let’s say you had just seen “Die Hard” for the first time, and you couldn’t contain the awesome you’d just watched. So you had to tell everyone you could think of. Or maybe you don’t like Die Hard, so imagine you’d just watched “The Notebook” for the first time, wouldn’t you tell others?

I’m guessing when you thought about those movies, you can actually remember telling people to watch them. Because, of course you’d tell someone about a movie you liked. You’d want them to share in the experience.

But, what if you had something that didn’t cost you anything, never ran out and was an experience you desperately wanted others to experience? What if you had one thing that you could share with someone that not only covered those three things, but was so much more than that? Wouldn’t you want to tell everyone you know about it? If you had something free, unlimited and was an experience you’ve benefited from personally, wouldn’t you want to tell the world?

By now, I’m sure you know where I’m going with this, why wouldn’t we share the free, unlimited, most amazing experience in the world – that being Jesus – with everyone we know? I know there are a thousand excuses we come up with for why we don’t, but really they are just excuses. What is keeping us from sharing Jesus with someone, or at the very least, inviting them to church.

The most amazing thing is, you can start right now, tonight. All you have to do is invite someone to our Easter services. That’s what we’ve been asking you to do all this time, invest & invite. You’ve heard that phrase before. We didn’t even come up with it – Andy Stanley did. It’s just a great way to think about how to invite someone to church. Invest in your relationship with someone you want to invite, and invite them to church.

It’s better than saving a hundo. It’s way better than “The Notebook.” And it’s even better than “Die Hard.” Isn’t something that amazing worth sharing?

If you’re ready to invite someone to Easter, you can use this page to invite them. It’s got all the pertinent information they need to know about our Church and Easter. https://68church.com/thedoor/