Can I just take a moment and say how thankful I am for you and others like you?! You are willing to help us help a bunch of families this Thanksgiving, and that speaks volumes to us here at SixEight. We aren’t a big church with big budgets, and we couldn’t attempt something like this without awesome people like you! So, thank you so much.

TOT-TithelyThis is it folks! Less than a week to get the turkeys to SixEight. If you’re not going to have time to go buy one, would you mind just donating towards us being able to purchase them? You can do it right here on our site. It’s easy and secure too. Just click this link, click in the box that says “tithe” which is to the right of the amount box, and select Tons of Turkey.

If you’re going to buy the turkeys yourself, we need them by Sunday. So bring them with you to church and we’ll have a place to gather the birds in the foyer. If you can’t get them here on Sunday, please be sure to have them here no later than Monday!

We strongly encourage you to go to one of the Hazel Dell Grocery stores to buy. And when you’re buying, tell them you’re buying to donate toward the SixEight Food Pantry, just to encourage your checker. It’ll make you feel good too, just try it.

Bang For Your Buck

If you take advantage of some of the sales going on in the area, you can get a lot of turkeys. The best, bang for your buck deals this year are at Safeway & Albertsons who have the same deal. The runner up is Winco. What we would encourage you to do is, split your grocery shopping up between a couple of Safeways and Albertsons.

Let’s say you wanted to spend $100 on Turkeys. Kelli (Our Food Pantry Coordinator) mentioned that she got two turkeys for $17. If you split your grocery shopping up between 5 stores, you could get 10 turkeys for $85-$90 dollars. Of course you have to spend the additional $35 at each store, which would add up to $175. I don’t know about you, but we spend quite a bit more than $175 when we go grocery shopping.

If you end up doing this be sure to let us know!


Safeway has a buy one get on free deal. The catch is, you have to buy $35 worth of groceries to get that deal. But, if you’re going grocery shopping, it doesn’t take much to spend $35 anymore. A gallon of milk and some toilet paper and you’re pretty much there!


Albertsons has the same deal as Safeway, probably because they’re owned by the same people now. 🙂 So, split your Grocery shopping up between these two stores and end up with four turkeys!


Winco doesn’t have any Turkey deals posted online that we can find. However, we have heard from people that they are doing a similar thing to last year: Spend $100 and get a free turkey. You’ll have to make sure before you buy though.

Fred Meyer:

Fred Meyer has a similar deal to last year. Spend $150 and get a free turkey. It’s not the best deal in town by far, but if you’re going to do some shopping there, then go ahead and get your free turkey and bring it to SixEight. While you’re there, go ahead and sign up for your Fred Meyer Rewards to go to the SixEight Food Pantry (It’s actually listed under our old name, Whipple Creek Food Pantry.)


Thank You!

Again, thanks so much for helping us help this Thanksgiving. My family is going to be giving several turkeys to help families this year. We’ve even been blessed to be able to have some of my extended family join us in giving towards turkeys. It’s such a joy to be able to help in this way and we couldn’t help anyone without your help!

We will be distributing turkeys Tuesday evening from 4-7pm, if you’d like to help then, get in touch with us through our SixEight Food Pantry Facebook Page. For more information about the Pantry, visit