This has been an incredible week! We have watched you, God’s church at SixEight respond in an astounding way! Your response, coupled with some other organizations in the Hazel Dell & Vancouver Community has given us more that we could have imagined! And your generosity has blessed hundreds of families and way more people.

It all started last week when members of SixEight Church started dropping off turkeys at church. On Sunday, more members of our church brought more turkeys, after church friends of members of the church dropped off some birds. Then over the next day, friends of friends and members of the community started dropping by with some of our frozen and formerly feathered friends. We had ordered a bunch of Turkeys through the Clark County Food Bank & through donations to the project and in cooperation with the Hazel Dell Safeway, we were able to get an additional 4o Turkeys, and a few more from the Salmon Creek Albertsons. Some more people dropped by to bring our total to 182 turkeys. Awesome!

We switched to our new time, Tuesday from 4-7pm, and there was a big crowd gathering all day. By 5:15 we had gone through most of our supply. So, we started taking names of those who wanted a turkey and we needed to get another 40 turkeys for them to pick up on Wednesday. Through the arrival of an unexpected check, we were able to buy the 40 turkeys from the Battleground Albertsons. When we got back from picking them up, there was another Turkey in the church office, and someone also showed up to donate 36 more Turkeys from Truth in Love Biblical Counseling.

TOT-BragIt’s been so amazing to see God work in motivating our church body, our 8 to 15 and beyond to buy turkeys for those who wouldn’t have had one. We are blown away with the response of the community around this idea and are extremely grateful for the way God moved to use our feeble effort to make His name known through SixEight Church in Hazel Dell, Vancouver and Clark County!

What are the Specifics?

  • 268 families served (Over 1,000 individuals)
  • 87 new families
  • 48 volunteers
  • 1.68 tons of turkey (263 turkeys donated in the last 5 days!)

We are so thankful for your response as a church! You were a part of something miraculous! God really did an amazing thing bringing so many turkeys in such a short period of time. Make sure you pat Kelli & Robert on the back for a job well done, as well as anyone else who helped these past few days give a great thanksgiving to so many people!

We would also like to thank these organizations for their donations to the cause. Make sure to stop by their places of business and support them in return for supporting what we do!