Monday-Morning-Mission-no-frameA long time ago I started this thing called Monday Morning Mission or M3. However, since there are a lot of new people around SixEight now, I wanted to remind everyone what the point of it is.

And the point is simply this – to start living out on Monday what we talked about on Sunday. It doesn’t end on Monday. It begins on Monday.

Too often and for too many years the church has been a place where people gather on Sunday for a good time, and then go about their lives for the rest of the week.

We believe just the opposite.

We believe that we are the church when we’re out in the world. Yes, we’re the church when we’re gathered together, and yes that’s a very important time for us. But we don’t go out and like like Hell during the week and then come to church to get clean on Sundays. We don’t come to church to experience repentance. Sometimes we are motivated to repent of things in our lives that the Holy Spirit brings to our attention during our gathering on Sunday morning. But, that’s not the reason we gather together on Sundays.

Instead, we use each time we’re together to focus on one thing. You’ll hear me say that during the message. “If you forget everything else I say, remember this.” My hope is that one thing will stick with us throughout the week. For instance, our one point yesterday was: “Our own ability to live righteous lives will never surpass the righteousness of Jesus’ grace in us.” Now, my hope for us is that we will spend this week trying to live that out in our lives.

I hope we will spend this week thinking about how we are trying to achieve salvation by our feeble attempts at righteousness and then learn to lean on the righteousness of Jesus’ grace that covers our lives.

If we’re not doing this, then what’s the point?

What I mean is, if we’re just getting together week after week, but we never change between Sundays, what’s the point of coming on Sunday? If we just go church for weeks and weeks, but never make the attempt to try to live our lives better during the week, why go to church? If that’s what we do, church is nothing more than a social club. And there are plenty of other churches like that around.

So, that’s why we do Monday Morning Mission. No I don’t write one every week. I’ll try to do better at it. But, me writing isn’t the point anyway. The point is, when Monday Morning comes, are we going to live our lives on the Mission Jesus gave us or are we going to continue with the same insanity? The same goes for Tuesday, Wednesday and the rest of the week. Are going to to live our lives on mission, or are we going to pound our heads into the wall?

I hope we chose to live our lives on Mission. Not just because I want to feel successful as a pastor. But because I really, truly believe that if we all start living our lives on mission, we WILL make a big difference in our community. I don’t think it we might make a difference, we WILL make a difference. Don’t believe me? Give it a try for a few weeks. Try living on mission for the week and see if you don’t start making an impact on your family, your friends, your neighbors – basically your 8 to 15.

Try it and tell me if it doesn’t work.