A lot can happen between Sunday morning and Monday evening. No matter what has gone one since yesterday morning, I just wanted to remind you of something.

You are amazing.

You are. Truly. Amazing.

I mean it. For realsies.

And no matter what happened today, yesterday, last week, last month, last year or the last decade, you are still amazing.

You may not feel like it. You may feel pretty defeated. I know how that feels. But, none of that changes the fact that you’re amazing.

Mt HoodLook at this picture. It’s Mt. Hood, in case you didn’t know. God made this mountain. He made this mountain for two things 1.) to bring him glory. 2.) for us to enjoy. There are probably other reasons, such as this mountain plays a critical part in the eco system and environment for this reason or that. But, I know these two things for sure.

God made this for him and for you. God loves you a mountains worth.

Okay, not enough to believe you’re amazing? Here is this huge mountain, and yet, God has not chosen this massive mountain to represent His image. He could have. God is massive. God is huge. But, what did God chose to represent His image to this world? You and me. People. Humans. Things that could be crushed by one of the rocks that this mountain could send soaring in an eruption.

God made you in His image. You. Not this mountain, not the trees, not the ground or the seas. He made you. In His Likeness. In His Image.

So, no matter how you feel about yourself right now, no matter how that person made you feel, or how this situation or that makes you feel – the real, actual truth is that you are amazing.

So, change your mindset. You are amazing. I am amazing. Nothing can ever change that. No one can ever change that. You are amazing.




You Are Amazing